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Diversity, skills and commitment

Diversity, skills and commitment

Under the impetus of the school’s Director, the teaching staff is organised around five Heads of Studies. Heads of Studies are directly involved with their students and ensure a continuous monitoring during every part of their schooling, working in cooperation with the families.

Decisions over recruitment of the staff rest with the school management. Priority is always given to skills, motivation and a full support of the educational programme.

A team of 200 teachers, with a majority of them employed full-time, dispenses both national and international teachings. Our team includes a wide range of credentials with schoolteachers, holders of PhDs, master’s degrees, CAPES12, agrégations13, and PGCE qualified teachers. Their experience, academic preparation along with their teamwork, are all pillars of a quality education within the established curricula. Fifteen nationalities are represented within our teaching staff, with mostly French and British teachers. They have an average of nine years of experience within the school, and welcome new members every year.

A specialised and trained team of eleven members is also dedicated to the organisation and supervision of school and family immersion periods abroad, that are offered to our students.

Specific contributors, supervision and administrative staff are also present to support the work undertaken by the school. Several supports and services are entrusted with specialised companies.

*Postgraduate Certificate in Education

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